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Skill up with Pavel Rehak is a personal private project and platform to help young people all over the world boost their skills, experience(s), and knowledge and find better educational opportunities that are crucial for finding jobs and pursuing better careers.

The project takes 8 years of experience in the non-governmental sector, primarily in the youth field, and thanks to many long-term sustainable partnerships globally, it becomes an easily accessible pool of opportunities for young people and students - no matter their ethnic background, race, gender and religion.

Values and Mission

Intercultural dialogue, diversity, and inclusion are key values here while the goal remains: to spread the word among young people about events, activities, and initiatives that they can join.

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Skill up

with Pavel Rehak

About me

My name's Pavel Tomas Rehak. I'm 28 y/o Senior Marketing Specialist and Youth Policy Advocate based in the Czech Republic, a country in the heart of Europe, who has enjoyed 8 years of work in the field of youth.

I studied a bachelor's program in political science at Charles University in Prague and continued in the area of digital marketing at the College of Media and Journalism. Later, I received three scholarships and spent nearly 2 years studying and living in Spain (Universitat de Barcelona), France (Paris School of Political Sciences), and at Kuwait University.

Youth Delegate

Over time, I became a youth delegate to the Euro-Arab cooperation and EU-Africa partnership. I also had the chance to represent my country at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities in the Council of Europe.

Together, I joined over 15 fully-funded intercontinental youth forums and 40+ more intercultural projects across four continents although I'm not from a privileged family and my parents have never been on a plane.

Youth Leader

In the previous few years, I have been a Board member of the Czech Council of Children and Youth and I was elected to be the president of the Young Citizensorganization twice. Currently, I am a member of the executive committee of the ACWAY initiative focusing on intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

How is this all possible? I stayed just proactive. Always look for new opportunities and initiatives to join. Now it's all up to you. I am here to assist you on your similar journey.

Pavel Tomas Rehak

I am on social media

You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn, Instagram or visit my personal website as well.

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